I just got out of a terrible and torturous relationship recently and I decided to jump straight into another relationship (so stupid, I know). This new guy seemed to have so much potential. We got along and he was so open with his emotions and vulnerable. We met online and talked for a couple of weeks. When we hung out it was different than I expected. We didn't have much to say in person and just ended up making out. The second time we hung out it was the exact same. I found myself comparing him to my ex. My ex was more fun to be around for dates, and my ex said he liked my natural makeup while this guy likes my dark makeup. We had sex and he came in me. I am on the pill but I realized I took a week of the pills out of order. We both decided that we needed to buy the morning after pill. My ex would have bought it and paid for the whole thing. My ex treated me like a princess during the relationship. He wouldn't let me pay for anything. Not even if I offered very persistently. We were together for 3 years so I became use to his behavior. Not dating my ex was a good bf. he was very emotionally abusive but his generosity was his only redeeming quality. This new guy took my offer on paying for half of it. Idk why but I just felt a jolt of distaste and dislike. Then when I got home I told him maybe I could just pick it up in the morning, and he say okay. So that means I'm the one shelling out 50 bucks to pay for the pill. I know I shouldn't be this petty but I can't help comparing him to my ex. And I can't help but think that he's not the one for me. I'm not sure what to do at this point. I like the guy but I think I'm just liking him because if want a new relationship very badly. What should I do?
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Don't settle. You don't even really like the guy. It's written all in your post.

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