My ex gf is pregnant now she's expecting her babe in February and she call him our babe! Well I like that I wish I could be the father! I loved her even now I just don't trust her but we still in love especially when we meet it's too much love she came to see me 1am she just left and she promise to come to spend a day with me! What should I do?? I'm so jealous when she's talkin to the baby daddy becoz I feel like this dude has more responsibilities over her than I do. But she always tell me that she just needed a baby nothing else ! Well now we live 2 hrs away frm eachother I'm loosing hope over her! But anytime we met its feels like we were meant for eachother . Somehow I have a crush on my coworker I really don't kno wat to do advice plzzzz!
Theuniqueones Theuniqueones
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1 Response Aug 24, 2014

Shoot for the coworker. Let the family work out their issues first. She can say what she wants, but its her actions that speak loudest. Feelings can always lead us into one direction, but because it feels good doesn't mean its truth.

Thanks @DoctrineDark that's so helpful! I hv realized that I could let it go and start new!