Is This All Wrong?!

I have a friend named Sean. He's my friend with benefits and we've been benefitting from each other for about 4 months now. Read my blog for more infor on our relationship. And things obviously are complicated between us. Doe he want more, does he not, do I? So many questons and I wouldn;t even be asking if he didn;t show that maybe he wanted something more. I was completely fine w/a regular Friend with benefits relationship. Well he's more like a cuddly teddy bear w/benefits. So now Sean went away for a few weeks and this will give me time to figure out what to do next, if anything. Ur advice and opinion would be sooo helpful.

I made a new friend named AJ.. AJ is this HOT guy. He is soo yummi. Think up there in the Chace Crawford category (though they don;t look alike, just their hotness factor). But so there is no confusion, AJ, is not a "special friend", he's just giving me advice. Well now we are friends since he's always in town when I'm there and he always comes to hang with us. So he gave my some interesting advice. If anyone reads this, I would love ur opinion. It's already been established that I'm the guy in the relationship. So when he gets back, at the right time, I'm just gna give him a sort of ultamatum. It goes like this. I'm gna be blunt and flat out give him options. Either we take our relationhip to the next level or we stop having sex. And so then I will know for sure what his issues are and if he is being an *** for treating me llike a girlfriends w/out making any commitment or if he is just being a *****. And if he just wants to be frieds that's cool. Because what guy can say no when sex is on the table. And this way, it wil be on my terms, when we do hook up., like they way fiends with benefits should be. As healthy as that kind of relationship can be. And if not, well then I get to try being a girlfriend. Though is it fair to be in a committed relationship when I know that it wont lead anywhere just cause I want to be in a relationship for the time being and Sean happens to be there?

Danyush Danyush
Jun 22, 2009