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Hi everyone, you may recognise this username from YouTube, that said I have about 30 subscribers so probably not :P

I'm a (i think) congenital anosmic, never smelt, never will. Although many anosmics the cons don't outweigh the pros, a few things still bug me. For instance people who claim to know what goes on in your head, namely "oh you can't taste then", and when you protest they say "well taste is 80% smell, ergo i know what you taste". Most fellow congenitals know that's bullplop.

Another thing is so called Pheromones. From the name and description I understand they're a hormone for the nose which helps you get intimate. If smell's a big part of getting intimate, then damn.
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Tbh I think that the intimacy thing is like smell being able to tell you if someone's drunk. It's not necessary but it might help :P I don't think it'll make that biga difference

I have the same condition. Went to many doctors, mri's, etc. Nobody could figure out why. I would love to be able to smell something someday, I'll even take something unpleasant, but I know it will never happen. Fresh cut grass, flowers, spices, a fart, skunk, perfume.....I often wonder what it would be like if I were cured someday. Its hard to imagine.<br />
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I have often thought about the intimate think, what the hell are we missing?<br />
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