Is Smell Really That Important?

To be honest, I have never missed it.  90% of the time smells that people mention are awful ones, and I can do without that, thank you very much.  I am also really tired of people informing me that since I can't smell, I can't taste.  Many even argue with me, telling me I can't really taste, I just think I can.  Excuse me!  I taste just fine, thank you very much again.
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4 Responses Dec 3, 2010

I have congenital anosmia and have had the same arguments! 'Smell is most of your taste- if you pinch your nose you can't taste so how could you?!' I don't know, but I can, fact. Born without a sense means you never miss it, I only ever think of it when somebody else brings it up because it doesn't occur to me. The other one that gets me is drama queens crying about smells, my response is always to breathe through your mouth then! Does anybody else here find if they think about it consciously they're actually breathing through their mouth most of the time? I do, and I think it's because you can get more air in that way and the nose doesn't have any advantage, whereas someone who can smell gets less air through their nose but they smell it.

That;s good that you arn't bothered by it. That's the right atitude. Smell is the best sense to not have, really! If you have to have one missing! lol.<br />
I do know that it affects my sense of taste, was only a couple of years ago that I was told different coloured sweets also have different flavours! Who knew!???<br />
I also have to eat strong cheese and hot curries...things with a mild flavour just don;t taste of much.

i think being a congenital anosmiac is fun. i mean, it gets annoying always telling people i cant smell when they tell me to smell something and it gets annoying answering the same questions... but i love being differant! think about it. Im 13 and a few weeks ago the whole grade learned i have anosmia!

I agree with you 100%! I'm also a congenital anosmic and have had the same experiences. Next time, explain to them the difference between taste and flavor. Taste is what you do with your tongue, flavor is a combination of taste and smell. So there you go! Instant shame on their part :)