Dont Know Its Funny

I was born with no sense of smell. I read a lot of different posts and I have come to the point that if u have to have a less sense , then that's smell. I seriously cant smell anything, and I feel different from friends since they always make fun of me and sometimes don't even believe me. My ex found about it she laughed but somehow she did not wanted her boyfriend to be like that. I respect her, cuz she confronted me and told me about it. And I was OK. I am 19 years old, and have recently been searching a lot in internet. Looks like there's no treatment for this. Its awesome to read ur posts guys. Thank you, U gimme smile!!
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Has it made a difference in your love life?

i must be lucky for having an understanding boyfriend, then. he's the only person who knows my disability; instead of mocking at me, he's always there to support me.