Since Birth. Congenital Lameness.. Lol

I am 19 years old and as far back as can remember, I have never experienced the sense of smell. I dont know if I was born with said condition but I have absolutely no memories related to smell. As a young child in school, kids would fart near me and others would make rash reactions. However, I had no idea why and just played along... But what was I to do when silent farts occured? When my mother would cook for me, she often would ask if it smelt good. My response as usual would be an oblivious "yes". I would experience many peoples reactions to something I really didnt comprehend. And after pretending amongst my peers for the first ten years of my life, I began to question my ability to smell. When I confronted my parent about this issue, they only respond saying "it's just your allergies". So I believed them and went on thinking it (my smell) would just pop up at any time. Two years pass and i confront them again and once again I find them in disbelief. It wasn't until three years later (age 15) did an event occur that made my parents believe that I couldn't smell. Me and my father were riding down the road and our conversation was quickly interupted by his crude reaction to the smell of a dead skunk. I asked him repeatedly what was wrong and all he could say is "YOU DON'T SMELL THAT?" And I tell him what I have been trying to tell him for several years: I can't f*****g smell!! But without the swearing ofcourse! If said that I would get my face smacked at that age haha. But ever since, I have went doctors upon doctors and have yet to fix the problem. To this day I am still having think about ways to cope with this problem. It wasn't until today that I figured someone else HAS to have this same problem and that there must be a name for it. So I find myself at this site and I learned that there other like myself with congenital anosmia. But as far as I am concerned, I still am extremely blessed. Things could be worse you know?
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I was 11 when I found out. It also took my parents a while I before they believed me.