Actually it's not me but my wife.

She says that she found out at 3rd grade science class. So my first question is how would anyone know for sure whether they don't have a sense of smell since birth?

Anyhow, while she can't smell but anything that has menthol will hurt her nose. She describes it as 'smelly' but obviously she has no idea what that means. Anyone else have the same issues with menthol based products, such as Vicks?

Her nose is also very sensitive and according to her, it hurts a lot even by a slight pinch. Again, anyone has that?

Lastly, my wife is sweet as an angel and I would really want her to get treatment or just to experience smell for a short while. Are there any safe treatments out there?

Thank you all for your help!
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I learned about the 5 senses when I was 5 years old, and didn't know what smell was. I'm not sure if I was born with Anosmia, or if I lost my sense of smell at a very young age. But I have no memory of being able to smell.
I have found things like ammonia, and eucalyptus can get into my sinus and then I can sense something, it's not exactly smell, but I can detect them. That tends to make my eyes water as well.
My nose is not too sensitive to touch like your wife's nose.
I haven't looked into treatments, because for me personally, I think it would be too overwhelming for me to learn the whole world of smell as an adult. If your wife is not keen on it, please, don't pressure her into it.