My girlfriend absolutely refuses to help me smell clothes, or possibly bad foods because she says it's gross. We live together and it's really frustrating knowing that she can help but chooses not to. It's caused serious arguments more than once. Does anyone have a similar experience or advice?
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Has it affected your sex life? That's what I'm worried about

Has it effected your love life at all?

I was born with the condition and it was never a problem in my youth days but now its affecting me as I wonder what is it like the perfume Im wearing or my wife is .............etc

I have never had anyone refuse to smell something for me, BUT I have had people lie to me and tell me that something that stinks doesn't, which really annoys me. I only ask because I don't know, and have no way of telling unless I ask!
I don't think I'd be in a relationship with someone who didn't take my disability seriously.

I had a helpful boyfriend a few years ago, but he understood that I couldn't smell. Now living alone it so hard.

Advice.. I wash all my clothes after I've wear them once... And food, well sometimes unfortunately I eat things that have gone slightly bad.. I think milk is all I've had a problem with... When friends come over I get them to smell test foods every now and then.

I use powder milk because whenever I buy real milk, it goes off before I use it. With powder milk, at least I can have a cuppa first thing in the morning and know I'm not making myself sick! :) But that's not to everyone's taste, I understand.