Scared And Pregnant. Again!

Hi, i have type 1 antithrombin 3 deficiency and im prgnant with my 2nd child. I went through hell having my son 5 years ago and was told not to have any more but, you know, things happen! Ive had 5 clots in my left leg and 2 in my lung, the last of these was the one in my leg the last time i was pregnant. Im pretty worried about this pregnancy but im stuborn so i know i'll be ok. I have to be for my son :)
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1 Response Jan 15, 2013

I have anti thrombin III deficiency as well and had my son 2.5 years ago with the help of lovenox but ended up with a DVT after birth. I have a history of clots in my
Lungs and a prior DVT when I was 19 (30 now). And to top it off, my brother just passed away from blood clots that caused a massive stroke 2 weeks ago. Desperate for another baby but absolutely petrified. Did you know you had AT III with your last pregnancy?