I Am Nearly 33 And I Have Congenital Hypothyroidism

i don't remember much about my childhood apart from the 6month checkups and blood tests to see if i had grown. the endless bone age xrays to see how my bones were growing.

i have many spells of actually not taking my medication, for periods of days to weeks without it. i know i am daft but i have never really been poorly with it. the only time i took the meds during that time was when i started feeling fuzzy.. and within hours i was feeling much better.

i was told i would never get to 5ft but i am 5ft 1. i was told i would be lucky to have children, i have an 11 year old son. (unsuccessfully no more)

i recently started to have bad periods and i mean bad.. one lasted nearly 6 months. i was scared i had cancer. so i went and had a smear and was relieved to be given the all clear. i have recently lost 3stones in weight because i was in a bad weight place 22.8st now i am 19.6st still alot but losing it slowly. the periods have eased right off, think the weight was pressuring my body. the doctors have found i have a polyp in my cervix/womb. also suspected pcos. i have also started getting hair on my chin due to the suspected pcos.

i get very tired real easy, i get headaches and occasionally my body just aches. also i have noticed recently when i wash my hair or brush it, the hair comes away real easy so am scared i mend up bald before am 34.
saz32 saz32
31-35, F
May 15, 2012