Ch And My Baby

My mother was diagnosed with "the worst case of hashimotos" her doctor had ever seen about a year before I got pregnant. We had never really heard of this disease before, but as we dug into it we discovered that I exhibited a lot of the symptoms associated with hashimotos. So I got tested, my levels were normal. Then when I became pregnant, my mother read an article about the effects of a mother having hypothyroidism on her fetus. So I got tested again and still my levels were fine.
I went about my pregnancy as usual.
Then I had my healthy, fat 9lb 5oz baby boy. He was absolutely perfect, his apgar was 8. They ran a bunch of tests though for diabetes since he was so big, but they all turned out fine. The we went home. Two days later I got the call. They said his levels were way off and they wanted to test again. We took him in right away and sure enough his levels were very high.
I of course was a basket case because I had researched all this for my mother. I knew what it could mean, but my J never once had any symptom of CH. Not one sign! Now he is two and he still hasn't exhibited any symptoms, except irritability when his levels are off.
The only thing I'm concerned with now is why, after how proactive I was, why does my son have CH? His Dr. said she knows he has a thyroid, because he does fluctuate levels and she can feel it. She also said despite our families history she doesn't think it hereditary, because it would have to come from both sides and as far. As we know my husbands side doesn't have any cases.
I'm worried because we want to have another baby, but we are scared of the risk that it is hereditary. For those that don't know that's a 1 in 4 chance of having another with CH. any suggestions?
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Jan 9, 2013