Our "special" Heart Son

My son was diagnosed at age 14 with Congenitally corrected transposition of the arteries.  He has often complained before this about how hard it was to do sports and how tired he would get.  No one ever caught on to the fact that he may have a cardiac condition...until a very attentive school nurse picked up on the fact that he might have a problem.  He began getting dizzy after gym in 8th grade and complained about not feeling well in class after gym.  The RN at his school listened to him and suggested I take him to a cardiologist.  Thank goodness we did.  He was diagnosed with CCTGA but was told that he had none of the other problems that usually came with it.  About a month later he began having symptoms of SVT and was soon scheduled for his first ablation.  He was good for about two months and then began having symptoms of SVT again.  His second ablation was in November of 2009.  Again we were good for about 2 months, he is now having problems with Atrial Fib & Atrial Flutter.  He was given Adenosine at the ER last week to stop the Atrial Flutter and is not apparently looking at a 3rd ablation.  We have been told that his heart has adjusted well to the defect as far as the ventricles and valves are concerned.  We just need to get the conduction system to cooperate!  We are lucky that he is able to be as healthy as he is considering the stories that I have heard.  He is fairly active and looking forward to turning 16 this week so he can start driving.  I also have another son that had ablation for WPW and my third one being tested in a couple of weeks for syptoms he has began to complain of.  Guess the work and worry of heart mom is never done.

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hi there. i'm a 30 year old female.. i also have transposition of the great arteries, although mine was surgically corrected by the mustard procedure when i was three months old. i had no problems, medications or major symptoms growing up, except occasional fatigue during sporting activities.. But when i was 22, i began having artiral flutter. unforunately i did not realize it for weeks and consequently put myself into congestive heart failure. or i went into heart failure and that triggered the arrythmias.. the docotrs could not say which was first. i have had two flutter ablations (6 years apart). but i am also on medication to help control the flutter. is your son taking medication to help reduce his arrythmias? also, i have a pacemaker now. the pacemaker can not only help improve your son's energy/ "tiredness" by pacing his heart at the appropriate rate to supply more blood (oxygen) to his body and brain, but the pacemaker can also deliver "therapy" when he goes into flutter/fibrillation and burst him back into a sinus rhythm! <br />
good luck to you and all three of your sons :) <br />