MY Life

When I was a young child I had to learn to amuse myself and find positive things to do because I am an only child and had no siblings or cousins (my cousins were all younger than me). I could not afford to get into mischief because I was raised by my grandparents who were kind of strict and now I can appreciate this upbringing because it molded me into the individual that I am. I went through school with perfect attendance and stayed on the Honor Roll. I also graduated valedictorian of y graduating class with a 98.6 average which many woul say is difficult. It wasn't to me because I was raised with discipline and the ability to achieve any goal I set for myself. I lost my father when I was eight..Someone shot him right in front of me and when I was 32 yrs. old I found my  mother deceased in her house. I had also lost my grandparents years before. So I had to achieve all of the things they had set for me and that I had set for myself on my own with the help of the Father (heavenly). And now after having three children-all seven years apart to the day- I rely on the Father for everything...To strengthen me everyday, to keep me employed with a job, a roof over my head, blood running warm in my veins, and the knowledge to know that my family (immediate and extended), children and grandchildren will all be safe and protected within His Will and Hands of Love.  

blackdahlia48 blackdahlia48
46-50, F
Mar 4, 2009