Celebrating Roe Vs Wade

The story begins with my wife receiving medication from a doctor (a dermatologist) who was not aware of my wife's pregnancy. Perhaps he should have asked. When my wife's GP found out he check with the drug company who advised that the drug would cross the placenta and might damage the fetus. A termination of the pregnancy was recommended.

At the time, abortions were not legal except in cases like this and the consent of the husband was required. I consented and that's my story. A few years later, I was moved when President Clinton vetoed a bill that would limit Roe vs Wade. I wrote a letter to thank him and made a contribution to his re-election. It was assumed that I was an American; but I am Canadian. :-)
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Congratulations! I'm sure you have a lovely family.

To Lilt: My wife had 3 successful pregnancies (2 girls and a boy). It was the second pregnancy that got terminated.

Thank you for sharing this, Igneous. It must have been a very difficult time in your life.<br />
Aside from the usual, ugly pro-choice vs. pro-life debates here....it's good to hear a real story. And from a man, as well.<br />
<br />
Did you and your wife ever have any children?

Thanks for this heartfelt story. We have to remember why some of these laws came to be in the first place. It was through many others hard work and pain that the reality of them exist today.