Terrifying And Realistic Nightmares

Very recently I have been having terrifying and realistic nightmares. I know they are nightmares during them but I can't seem to change them or wake up from them. I have always known when I am dreaming and have been able to control my dreams, but I cant control these nightmares and I end up being to afraid to sleep or go into a room where I have had my most recent one. Today I have been feeling very tired even though I had a good 9 hours sleep, but every time I relax on the couch or in bed with a dvd I find myself asleep and having a horrible nightmare. I have had enough after my last one it was terrifying and I'm afraid to go to sleep or even go into my bedroom, I found myself asleep but still able to hear the film that i was watching and what was going on in it. To make a very long story short I was barely able to move, speak or see while being attacked by 4 demons who stabbed me over and over and I felt a lot of pain which I never thought you could feel pain in dream?? Every time I thought I was woken up by a family member it was only them in disguise, I woke 4 times to find I was still dreaming and still able to hear the film when I woke up to find I was really awake the film was exactly where it had left off in my dream. Can anyone explain this I have had more like this but not as terrifying and they all have one thing in common and that is that I keep getting pulled towards what's trying to kill me no matter what I do it's like fighting gravity!! 
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This just happened to me a couple hours ago. I've been doing research ever since to try to figure out what it was and I stumbled across this. In this dream, I was in a room with my friends and I was the only one who could see these 3 demons in the room. 2 men and a woman. After fighting off the two men, the woman was relentless and ended up killing me, only for me to wake up in my room and still be convinced I was in a dream. In full, awake consciousness, I proceeded to text the friends who were in the dream, telling them I was alright, not even realizing it was all a dream and they had no idea what I was talking about. In the dream it was such a realistic, full body experience, that I am convinced it isn't just a dream. I was thrashing my neck around and physically feeling the pain that these demons we're bringing. I am so relieved you've had a similar experience and I'm dying to know what this is.

As I'm reading your story I'm getting chills. This is almost exactly what I went through just minutes ago (and what I get on a pretty normal basis). Everything you said about realistic, movie, family members, Gravity, knowing you're dreaming, and the demons. I only have one, but he likes to taunt me, sometimes it's dragging me and hurting me, or sometimes it's even sort of sexual. It's scares me a lot and makes me so mad. Sometimes I fight through it but it's tough and I know my hearts pounding and my brain is throbbing but sometimes I break through and he leaves me be for a couple months. It's driving me literally insane. Sometimes I don't know what's real or what's fake. I want answers. I need answers.

I've also had horrific nightmares that make me too afraid to want to sleep, the most recent one felt so real, It was me as a young child, there was a strange man I met at my school who somehow managed to get into my house a few nights after I'd met him, he sewed my arms together crossed over my chest it was like I could physically feel the huge needle going through my skin and I was watching it happen, I was screaming. He then forced two hooks through the back of my feet and hung me upside down in a tree that was in my front garden, I woke up screaming for help from my parents and crying. I do watch a lot of horror films and I think that may be partly to blame but they are so frightening and real, sometimes I can't even tell if it's a dream or not and that's the scariest part for me.

hi do you watch a lot of horror movies? that can cause nightmares. also I dont wish to scare you in any way but maybe your house is haunted or something, just a suggestion - has this ever happened outside your house? id get it checked if I were you. Good Luck - I have nightmares too but they are based on more real life situations!

I have been having strange realistic nightmares to. Last night, I had a realistic nightmare were I was at the biggest Haloween partie in a park, and there was a tall man wearing a top hat wearing a ninja mask and a black suit. Every time the monster killed it took of its mask and it looked like Abraham Lincoln, but that was also a mask. Under that mask I saw two faces, I looked up some Abraham Lincoln nightmares and it saysthat Aberaham looked into a mirror and saw himself in a terrifing two faced thing, and that is exactley what i saw but he had a glove with sharp nails, not as long as Freddy Kruger's, and dicapitated everyone he came close to. I was the last one in the park, he came after me than I woke up, I was more scared than anything i was ever afraid off.