Choosing Sides?

I'm 21 years old. I recently moved back in with my parents. I was living with my boyfriend and became pregnant. We started struggling financially and our relationship also took a turn for the worse. We started arguing alot so we thought it best for us to not live together and get back on our feet. My parents and him got into it a few times and forbidded me to see him or be with him but I stayed with him behind their backs because they threatened to kick me out take my car (which is in their name), take my daughter from a previous marriage and told me they would never talk to me again. Which I know they cant take my daughter because I am not an unfit parent. I have to tell them everywhere I go and when I will be home. I have to let them know my every move and if I dont im put down and yelled at for it. I have tried numerous times to talk to them and im always shot down and called names. It feels like they have so much power over me and I always end up feeling guilty. I hate that I have to choose between the man I am in love with and my family. I know im 21 and a legal adult but they have put so much fear into me im scared to make a move. Im very close with my family I would hate for this new baby to not know them and I hate thinking of taking my daughter away from them. Im always told by them to grow up but they treat me like a child. They yell at me like im 5 years old and dont talk to me like an adult. I have a job and im in college, im trying to make something of my life but nothing is ever good enough for them. This whole situation has made me severely depressed and a nervous wreck. Everytime I go to see my boyfriend im always afraid of them calling and if I dont answer im yelled at and always reminded of everything they do for me which i am truly thankful and I always feel guilty. But throughout this huge depressing mess me and my boyfriend have become extremely close and both realized how precious life together really is. I want to have MY family but I also want my parents to be involved.They have also told me that when I go into labor with this baby that they will not be there or talk to me if I let my boyfriend come for the birth. This is his child and its a beautiful experience and I think it is so unfair for them to dictate if he can or cannot be there for the birth of his baby! Any tips or anyone experiencing somthing similar? I have noone else to really talk to. I just want someones genuine advice and prayers would be greatly appreciated!!
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2 Responses Dec 11, 2010

Sweet heart I feel your pain and anguish. If I where you I would have them put everything that they have in your name. Then I would get a lawyer for a lawsuit and I would sue the living hell out of them for everything that they have

I so can relate. My parents didn't like my now-husband, they're treating him a little better now. But my husband still hates my parents, I'm hoping to have a better relationship with my parents, but still a good marriage with my husband, whom I married nearly 6 months ago. My parents are also overprotective and controlling too. So I certainly understand your need to still have a good relationship with your parents, but also with your boyfriend. Keep on praying, I hope you'll have a wonderful life with your boyfriend and kids. Maybe find a way to move back in with your boyfriend? You're not alone! *hugs*