Feeling ignored

I wish I didnt fight with my parents so much. We fight everyday now. I miss feeling close to them and now they just show affection to my sister. Im 19 years old and I feel like getting the cold shoulder from my dad is making my life harder than it should be. I feel so upset and angry all the time now. I get so sad when I see a daughter with a dad and hes hugging and kissing her. I want to experience that too. Regardless of why were fighting, I still deserve love too. they make me feel like a loser.
Dollywally Dollywally
18-21, F
1 Response Dec 2, 2012

Honestly the only thing you can do is just try and stay strong just hold your head up high and your future is what you make it. Have you tried talking to your dad about this? Maybe he feels as if you are no longer his little girl. If you fight you should be able to hug after and tell eachother you love eachother. If you ever need someone to talk too im here