My Parents Are So Controlling, It Is Unreal The Things They Will Do If I'm Not 'complying'!!!

I feel absolutley stuck, confused, angry, annoyed, and hurt by my parents controlling actions and could REALLY use some help or feedback of any kind.
There have been endless situations, but I will go with the most recent and try to make it 'short and sweet'.
As of last month, I moved from Ak to Wa to live with my parents because I had no where else to go after I had lost my home due to the ending of an 8 year relationship that they never approved of. My two teenage daughters have been living with them for one year already. ( I didn't want to put them through being homeless and 'couch surfing') I was supposed to be following right behind my 16 and 14yr old a couple weeks later, but that didn't happen due to first an illness, then I was sexually assualted, resulting in not only 55 cuts,bruises etc. but a terribly broken leg requiring emergency surgery. I am 1/8 Ak Native, so luckily I get my medical/behvioral/dental care for free at the Native hospital in Ak. So, obviously I had to stay in Ak much longer than intended. My parents have been taking care of my kids until I got down here about 1 month ago. But there was never any official custody changes, I have full physical/legal custody and always have.
I am 36 yrs old, living with my parents, feeling helpless. Now that I am ready to date and live life again, my parents (one of MANY times) have freaked out on me! I had 3 beers in 5hrs on new years eve and was TOLD that would be all i could have. I try to discipline my daughters or have them do their chores, and my parents tell them they don't have to. My oldest even though acting somewhat typically 16, talks to me like I'm the stupidest person she's ever met, and of course when I don't allow it, my parents over-ride me!!!
The biggest issue now is that I have found someone, illbeghit, on a dating website, that has asked me on a date and I really want to go! I have talked alot with this guy and we decided on a double date, and I will meet up with him ,rather than him pick me up,....for safety reasons.......after what I've been through I'm being very cautious!
Well, I was informed that not only would I be NOT dating ANYBODY, they would not only kick me out, they would keep my daughters from me. I know, I know, you're thinking "there has GOT to be more to this story?!"-right? Honest to goodness, NO! My parents ARE that irrational and controlling!!! I feel that at 36 yrs. oldI I should be able to go on a date, or have a couple drinks if i want, talk to a man on the phone, etc. and on & on.
Essentially I feel that THIER behavior is like physco irrational! I don't know what to do cause I am at the point ot saying "f**** It, I'm going on this date and I don't care what you think!!!" My god my sis and bro-in-law are going for god' sakes!!! And I could really use some male interaction from someone who cares-ya know!!!! What in the heck should I do? Isn't it a little over the edge to threaten to take one's children over something like this? Please, any feedback would be appreciated!! Thank- you. fullbttnpshd
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2 Responses Jan 23, 2013

Move out of there as soon as you can, ASAP!! They have actually threatened to take your children and that is a huge issue. They have no legal right but I would not place either my children's life or my life in their controlling hands. If you are working, start saving that money.

Your story sounds like mine. Except minus the kids... I was in college then sexually assaulted moved home and here I am grounded at 22 years old for not being home at 11 pm with my boyfriend who they don't even like. If I have a bit to much to drink they turn my phone off and all this bullshit. Its like my 15 year old younger brother is out getting high, drunk, failing, in legal trouble but NO what I do is way worse... UGH.. I feel your frustration.. PS I'm infatuated with alaska