I'm 25 years old and I live in south america, I still live with my parents only because I'm scared of leaving and them having heart attacks or something and blaming it on me, I barely go out because when i do, my mother gets angry at me, to the point i don't enjoy it because im worried that she's gonna yell at me when I'm back, I have to constantly check the time because if i happen to be 1 minute late she calls, and I'm not allowed to be outside past midnight, BUT my younger brother can, because I'm a girl and "who knows what can happen to you", I've gotten to the point where i reject people because not having friends saves me the embarrasment of telling them i can't go out, and IF i go out i always have to take my brother, when i want to travel he has to come with me too, and i have to go to a relative's house so they can control me, i can't even go to the soccer game alone, so pretty much all im allowed to do is be inside the house where "nothing bad is gonna happen", I can't finish university, i don't have a motivation i hate my career but she forced me into that school when i wasnt even out of highschool, but if i try to talk to her she just cries, or interrupts me and tells me how much of a bad daughter i am because i keep things from her, (everything is about her) and whenever i do something "right" she brags about it as if it was her achievement. I'm scared of her knowing anything about me, i hide my tattoos from her, i hide my only relationship from her because when i bring someone home that she thinks doesn't fit her standarts she ignores them, and that hurts, being judged before even say a word just by the way you look? I wish she never has to go through that, but she thinks she is the best mother in the world, she thinks her skin color is pure and that she has the right to choose what kind of people I can be friends with, so basically, I'm a 25 y. o. treated like a 15 y. o. with the only difference i have access to the internet, I work, i buy my own stuff but she tries to control me, she tells me to save my money and not spend it on "things you don't need" because i bought myself a good cell phone, i don't save my money on my bank account because she knows my codes and i don't want her controlling me, but she wants me to work at her friends job, she got angry when i didn't made my resume, and when i told her that i didn't wanted to apply she guilt tripped me for a week saying all i do is text with people. I'm so sick of her but she has biabetes and lately she can't use her hands, I've been cooking for the past two years, but she always complains that she does everything here, I can't be alone for 5 minutes during the day because she yells at me asking me to do everything she cans, or she just comes into my room and sits in my bed and tries to talk to me, when in reality she only talks about herself, i dont have weekends because she brings my nieces saying she's gonna take care of them and i always end up doing it, or there's always someone, or something she wants to do, there's so many more things but this is just too long lol, thing is... i can move out, but I'm scared, i dont want anything happening to them if i move out (dad is also controlling, but most of the time he doesnt give a **** about me, plus he has high blood pressure), I know if anything happened to them i would be the guilty one, she would make sure everyone knows that, and i dont even know how to break it up to them, i can't talk with them, they would never listen to all i have to say without stopping me, so i wrote everything planning on just taking the first bus to another city and leave a note, but still i feel so damn guilty :(
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1 Response Aug 24, 2014

Well $h!+, this sucks. I'm sorry you have to go through all this crap.

That is hard but you have to do what you think is right. But your not alone, you have friends and your boyfriend. If something happens don't blame yourself, they are two grown adults they'll be fine.

It does suck you have to leave your dogs. I bet your mom will try to use that against you if you leave.