Hi My Name Is Tracy

i was informed i have conversion disorder in mid may after suffering stroke like symtones
and not being able to walk talk or move my left side for weeks im having tremers all the time loosing days at a time dont rember what hapened loseing my hearing and general dont
understand what is going on am trying to make sence of it all this all started after ending up with a dog that had been rescued from a unit i had her for 3 months when out of the blue the police turn up on my door asking about the dog saying that someone had stolen the dog
and the owner wanted the dog back after she told everone she got rid of the dog and she moved out of the unit a week later someone saw her trying to jump out a window and rescued her i use to drive buses late shift and at 2am wood come home and share a dare
milk with her and roll her ball the police took her from my home on the tuesday gave her back on the thursday and the woman took her to the vets on the friday and had her put down because she dident want her i no longer leave my house because if i do a i see anyone walking a dog my symtones start agian my family are not supportive im realy lost im not who i was 6 months ago
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41-45, F
Sep 19, 2012