A Long Journey But A Good Ending

i have conversion disorder ever since i was 14 mom sister had a fight i freaked out next thing i couldn't walk. Didnt believe my diagnosis but all the test came back negative and there were moments that i could walk. But id always be back unable to walk a short while later. I got a walker and i was fine but then for some reason i was never able to bare weight on the walker again. So i had to use a wheel chair. In this time i was diagnosed first with depression then major depression i heard voices was suicidal and had been unable at times to hold things or lift. Hold my neck up so i had to get a neck brace. One night i even experienced moments where my body would involuntarily jerk for no reason. The worst and last moment i experienced this to such an extreme was when i lost my voice. I could barely speak at all for part of the day. My mom was very frustrated she called my friend and slowly as i talked to her i was able to talk again. I still experience symptoms from the conversion disorder but no were near that extreme. My legs go out so i cant walk and sometimes i cant lift my back but it doesn't last very long and comes back in two days. So im just telling you for those of you who have it there is hope to get better
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Jul 23, 2010