7 Falls 8 Recoveries

Im so excited! I started school about a month ago and the support I get is mind blowing! I love it..... Get this!, I've become super close to a girl named Kendal. She understands me sooo well and can read my thoughts like a book. She has a lot of experience with special needs children and children with seizures. She approached me a few weeks ago with a question..... she wants to make a book. Not just any book though! This book is going to be not only for info on medical or psych disorders (ie: CD, epilepsy) but it's also going to have my personal story as well as the stories from some family members' perspective. We are working on this and I am stoked! I think this could help a lot of people. So I ask you this fellow CD sufferers (and anyone that has a problem they feel is not noticed in society)..... Are you interested in sharing your story? Are you with me when I say that our problems deserve just as much attention as any other medical condition? Don't you agree that we need to raise awareness!?!? If you agree, send me a message! I'd like to include as many stories from as many people as possible. I think its time the world starts to understand us! You don't have to put your name in this..... you don't even have to tell ME your name! I just believe that this could be SO helpful. Kendal and I are also trying to organize fundraisers and arrange speeches given by the people who live with this stuff everyday to raise awareness in this matter. The reason for the title of my story is that i believe that no matter how many time we fall, we should stand up again and keep going with our heads held high. That has become K and I's motto (7 falls 8 recoveries) and will be the cover for our book. Keep in mind we are young, still in HS but we are determined to not let this problem fly unheard under the radar. If you are interested in adding some thoughts or stories into our book message me or e-mail me at ameliaguarino000@gmail.com! thanks everyone! infinity! 88888
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I emailed you the other day. I was just wondering if you got it?:)