My Life With Conversion Disorder

My conversion disorder was just diagnosed 9 months ago, but it seems Ive had it for years. It started with little things like feeling I had twisted my ankle, wrist, finger, or somthing else. I called it phantom pain. Then 9 months ago my boyfriend and I broke up and it got to its current point. We got back together, and I am so happy but the conversion is not going away. Nowdays I am often sent home from work, and my hrs have been cut. My spasms include my upperbody going up and down to my knees, knees comming up to my face, head bobbing up and down for hrs. Sometimes I can not even stand,due to dizzness.Im 29 and my parents are often picking me up from work due to them sending ,me home. Somedays I can funtion and others I cant. Im sorry that there are others out there experienceing this, but Im glad that Im not alone.
Kylagal Kylagal
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Hi kylagal,
iam new at this site..iand am writing you frome italy just to share my expirence and to ask u some advice..actully my littele brother (he's 13)have Conversion disorder and right now he is in hospital ,frome more then one mounth. I need to talk with u just to have more info about this deasease (plz email me ehtsham_79 at yahoodot it) thanks :)

I'm 26 and I was diagnosed with conversion disorder when I was 20. It's hard to know which and when your going to have an attack. Does anyone have problems eating certain foods. I can't eat sugar or wheat or citrus as the chemicals in my brain tend to imbalance and my thoughts go from normal to dumb. I suffer with the paralysis side of conversion disorder, they've called it dissociative motor disorder. I also experience the body jerks you've mentioned and my head jerks everyday.

If I were you, I'd look to clues in your job and your relationship. Conversion disorder is basically a physical expression of an unarticulated conflict or problem in your life. Mine was related to severe childhood abuse, but there are a lot of things that can create a CD. Even though you state you are "very happy" you got back together with your boyfriend, there was some issue that broke you up. It is entirely possible that you are suppressing something there, as your CD didn't stop when you got back together. You're the only one who can know if there is something bothering you about your relationship with him, and you may have to dig a little to figure it out. My CD exploded at work. I was in a job that I loved, and I was succeeding at it. That success defied everything that I'd been taught about myself, and was therefore unacceptable, but that was only the start of what I'd need to figure out. Everyone's journey with CD's is different, but help is available, and cure is very possible. I'm walking proof of that (after being in a wheelchair for 17 years!)

yeah, i have to live with my parents...i'm almost 25. i just wasn't able to take care of myself. used to be a pilates teacher and professional dancer. i'm telling ya, getting all the emotion and repressed memories has helped. i just have to keep expressing things otherwise it gets bad.