Help!!!! My Son Was Just Diagnosed With Conversion Disorder Yesterday.

Please help! My son was just diagnosed with cd and i know nothing about this disorder all i know is i have to get him into counseling and they put him on a medicine called buspar. He also has juvinile epilepsy and the cd is adding so many more problems for him. He has missed alot of school due to this and i need any suggestions i could get from anyone that is going through this. Thank you so much.
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Get your son into therapy, ASAP. I was diagnosed with Conversion Disorder in 08 or 09, still dealing with it, but, with the help of a good therapist, it's not as bad as it was. His body is dealing with stress/trauma that he isn't dealing with.

hello, my name is holly and i was wondering if you live in australia? becuase i have Conversion Disorder for the last 2 years.. and i would like to help if you live in australia :)

Since conversion disorder is caused by various degrees of trauma, stress or unknown directives, its a really difficult disease to understand, cope with and treat
There is a treatment center that is excellent for this that should be covered by about any insurances
its called The Treatment Center (877-805-0152)
At least call for a referral~! good luck