I Have Conversion Disorder And Am Very Depressed!!!!!!

I have been hospitalized twice now with paralises. I have lost my hearing completely and gone to an ENT and everything was normal. Now my vision is going, but yet everything is also normal. I am so depressed and angry and frustrated. Most of the doctors think I am crazy, and the nurses, well, so much for being compasionate, "why are you doing this to yourself, you can stop this you know......." I need help!!!!!! Please
sing4u8 sing4u8
41-45, F
1 Response Jan 17, 2013

Oh, yeah, how familiar it sounds... Like one brilliant idiot of a doctor told my husband "If she wanted she would run better than us". After all such attitude, I can not make myself see any doctor for any reason, even for my glasses' prescription. I am literally feeling sick when I imagine myself talking to a doctor. You know, there is only one way you can fight for yourself - never believe all the BS you hear from them, even if 100 doctors and nurses would be saying the same thing to you. It is a plain (and sad) truth that almost nobody in the world knows anything about this condition, but unfortunately they would never admit it, it is much easier for their little inflamed egos to blame us. Do not feel alone, almost every CD patient (and many other people with other problems) are treated like no human should ever be treated. Drug dealers and professional killers have more human rights than CD patients.