I am the type of girl who likes to talk to people who really get me. And u know wat i hate about some people? I hate that they don't keep an open mind like say hey i am a vampire and then they freak and call u a lier and stupid and stuff like that. people like that need to know what kind of world they r living in... don't u agree? I wish i wasn't real but i am and no matter how many people say that it is not possible cuz it is other wise i wouldn't be here. i don't care if u think i am a fake cuz u know what i wish i was fake some vampires enjoy killing people and feeding off them but i don't. I have even tried animal blood. i got the idea from twilight. i was just trying to find another way. it does work. i still feel the need to hunt humans but i am really trying hard not to. i haven't had human blood in 2 and a half months! i am a monster but i don't have to act like one rite? oh and who ever says that there are no such thing as vampires and stuff u better think again!

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I wouldnt consider your affliction Conversion disorder. Maybe its kinda the same thing as people that eat dirt . It doesnt make alot of sense to people but it makes sense in your head . Also your thirst for human blood might also be along the lines of cannibalism and you might want to check a forum for that. I do not think you are fake ..I do not think you are making this up..I think you are ill and should try and get help by a professional that can explore your need for human blood. However this is not the place for you..Conversion Disorder is a terrible affliction that affects your body, brain , function, speech, vision, hearing, seizures, severe pain, walking,....It truly sucks no pun intented. I truly hope you find the group you are looking for

That's a terrible affliction, but I doubt you'll find support here. You've got a different kind of conversion disorder. :)

Thats awesome! (I'm wierd)

Umh... Are you like, okay?