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I have had conversion disorder for 10 years...for about the first 8 years no doctor could diagnose has been a very fustrating experience..I fall and tremors sometimes..when I fall I do pass out for about a split second...It affects my motor skills when I have an episode so I can no longer drive..I have tried therapy, hypnosis and nothing seems to work.  On the Mayo clinic web site they list Trans Cranial Magnetic Stimulation as a treatment..It has been FDA approved but right now the insurance companies will not pay for this procedure and they will not do a clinical trial because they say conversion disorder is so rare...I would appreciate any feed back from anyone that has a similar experience.

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I am a College student at Mid-America Christian University, and in my psychology class they asked us to research a disorder. I have found this one to be very interesting, and was wondering if i may ask some questions??<br />
<br />
1. Are you able to live on your own with this dosorder, or do doctors prefer you to live with a care taker?<br />
<br />
2. How do you finction with society? is it hard? Does it make you sheltered? <br />
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3. How do your families deal with you having this disorder?<br />
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4. What are the best treatments you have found so far that help most with this disorder?<br />
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Thank you so much for helping me and i hope none of you guys will be offended with me asking questions. God bless!

First let me say that I don't believe in the term Conversion Disorder. This was a term coined by (Freud) a well respected physician who also happened to be a cocaine addict, I'm not here to dispute anyone's theories or treatments I would like to take the time to answer your questions 1) I live with my wife if I weren't married I believe that I would do just fine. 2) I function with society just fine I don't let this issue stop me from trying to do day to day activities however it has essentially ended my career and I now support my family on LTD. 3) My family and friends are on the same page as I am, we all do lots of research to find a solution to the true cause. 4) No treatment has been of any help as of yet, the psychologist is frustrated that all of the treatments that she has recommended have done nothing except increase my pain level. In fact she wants to evaluate the purpose of our discussions and at that time will most likely dismiss me as a non-compliant patient who has no desire to get better because I refuse to accept the Somatoform/ Conversion Disorder label. I will be more than happy to discuss the whole story with you via private e-mail at your leisure you may contact me at

Hi I had conversion disorder for 3 years. I couldn't get a diagnosis to begin with and everyone just thought I was mad. Eventually I got the diagnosis and I was told there was nothing anyone could do and to go home and have some resolve. It's not true that no one can help. My mum researched it as I couldn't due to my symptoms which were not being able to talk for six months twitches in all my limbs my eyes would roll backwards therefore I couldn't focus my eyes to see shaking in the legs and not being able to walk. My mum found a hospital in London that specialises in conversion. I went. It's an amazing place that work miracles in my eyes. I'm now free of conversion and starting to live my life again. The hospital is called the Maudsley and it's the lishman unit there that specialise in CD look it up.

it is sooo good to find others who have CD. have just been diagnosed after, like yall, taking many tests, exams, and xrays. i feel ashamed and like i am a fraud. the symptoms i have must be a fake and i must be a hypochondriac although my neurogolist insures my i am not. my daughter and friends are supportive, thank goodness. now if i can get on that bandwagon i wont be so depressed.<br />
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my hands (and sometimes my head) shake and my body doesnt listen to my brain so i dont walk where i think i'm headed or my arms and hands dont work. took the neuropsysh test and one of the comments she made was that my right brain is working right. my neurologist says it like if the brain had electrodes and they aren't connecting. now they come up w/this diagnosis and i cant get an answer to these 2 probs. do these 2 probs correspond with any of your CD symptons?

I too have conversion disorder, it started shortly after a car accident in 2003, I was rear ended and pushed into 2 other cars, I have never had a health problem like this. I have daily fit, tics and very active movements throughout my body. It is very hard to plan any activity, because they happen<br />
anytime, and anywhere, it has a mind of its own, even my husband has a difficult time, with trying to<br />
make me feel better. or assist me to my bed, so I can lay down. I wish it would just go away.<br />
There is only 1 medicine I take, its what is given at the hospital if your having an episode, Not feeling well keeps you at home more often and doesn't allow going out in public with the fear of having an episode. I just take each day as it comes, some are good and some are bad,<br />
Do things that relax you, and make you happy, Kim

Hello. I have had a conversion disorder since aug 2003. I have the same symptoms as you and I go through the same thing with doctors thinking that I am faking. When it occurs it looks like I am having a seizure and can last anywhere from 1 hour to 9 hours long, but the average is around 5 hours. But my problem is that I have a slew of medical problems, to include I was diagnosed with cancer (in remission) Oct 2003. Because of my surgery, it makes my incidents extremely painful...doctors have joked that when I have kids and go into labor it will be a cinch for me. It originally started in my left leg (location of the cancer) and after my surgery progressed to my whole body. I too have had the fainting, not being able to move my body, blurred vision, and my anxiety doesn't help any. Somedays I wake up and can't walk at all and have to use a wheelchair. Then the next I may be able to walk, so of course people don't understand and think I am faking. I think that is the hardest part or people treating me like I am handicapped and not capable. But, you have to remember the incidents are only temporary and will end. While going through it remember to relax all your muscles the best you can, I know harder said than done. But, the biggest part for me is understanding WHY you developed it in the first place. It is like a weed. All the medicine will help, but if you do not remove the roots, it will continue to return. This is such a blessing to know you are not the only one dealing with this. I would love to continue talking to you about this. Thank you for having the courage to share.

you will be alright soon.. just keep up your spirits and have faith its just in the brain... can be overcome.... so use your will power keep believing in Lord's miracles.

Hello I am new to this site. I am sorry that you all are suffering with this rare disorder. I am 41 yrs . my life was changed at a bl<x>ink of a eye due to this disorder. When this first happen to me i was mute for seven months . suffered with seizures I never had before. I have been in and out of hospitals and test after test ran and nothing is showing up. At first they thought that i had a stroke but was not a clear picture. i was unable to drive for four yrs. There are days i feel all most normal except for my speech when i got my speech back it now sounds as if i was from a different country like Sweden or Norway. before this happen to me i was country as cornbread as my mother would say. i live in Nashville Tenn. In a small country community where most people know everybody and if you stand out they know right away so needless to say there for a while i could go no where without people wanting to know where i am from. I sound like a broken record trying to tell them what has happen to me. I can go from almost being normal to not being able to walk my body jumping up and down muscles twitching and lots of pain in my legs and feet. i can go from talking and having a good time laughing not being able to speak or move and my face drawing not able to function this can go on for mins hours or days we never know from min to min to days to week or months. We never know what will be next. I have lost my sight for a day. That was very scary . I try to live a normal life although nothing about this disorder is normal. I am a go getter and i try to keep up my live. i want to look at myself as nothing is wrong with me but my body lets me know that i am not lke i use to be i can only do so much. Due to the seizures i have lost my job that was a huge let down for me. So now i volunteer at curves to keep me busy and keep me out of the house. Now as i write this i am having trouble walking so now needless to say i am on a walker. This disorder is way bigger then i am but not bigger than my Lord and He is the one who holds my hand and gives me faith and strength to keep fighting. Believe me there are days i just want to give up. But He our Lord did not give up on us and i am not going to give up on Him. I sing southern Gospel music and through it all i am still able to sing praise to him that to me is truly a Blessing. Unless i have had a seizure than it takes me some time to come around. My prayers goes out to you all and stay strong. Smile God loves you and I love you too!!!!! Hope to make lots of friends on here that can relate to me and what i face from day to day. thank you All!!!!!