My Daughter Has Conversion Disorder

Short story - - How can a mom be a good support for a daughter with Conversion Disorder?  

My Daughters troubls started in a Gifted English class with a teacher who treated all the kids the same,  wasn't a teaching major,  and thought Gifted ment they wanted more work.   She had all the kids do the same projects on the same books.    My daughter was one of the least gifted in the class.   She rebelled,  refused to work for this teacher.   I will always regreat not having pulled her from the class and putting her in a regular class like one of the other families did.     As part of her rebellion of this poor teacher,  she shut down and refusesd to work for her.   She was working very hard for the band teacher and learning to play the tuba for the band competion in Washington DC that year.   Because she was flunking Gifted English - - the school denined her trip to DC.    I made the mistake of going to DC without her - - because We had already paid for the trip and there was no refund.    She said the band teacher needed all the adult chaparones.    She went to school for three days while her classmates and her mother went to dC.  

Something inside her snapped. After that she started having Panic attacks - - including waking visions of all the teachers yelling at her - - we worked with a pschologist who said that I was the only one she trusted,  and that I needed to be her strength and sounding board.  

We put her in a privat school for a year - - and it was a bit better.    The next year she returned to public school,  and when I went on a business trip she had her first Seizure - - it took many months to realize that the seizures were Psuedo Seziures and that she had a conversion disorder.     We were able to use the same pschyologist  - -who is now decesed.  

By the end of high school - - the school was pushing for her to still be on a IEP with an ED lable - - she successfully challenged them that she no longer qualified - because she was successful in all her classes.   

She has had a rough time - - going from boyfriend to boyfriend, almost always lining up the next one prior  to breaking up with this one.    She had her drivers license pulled for about 6 months at one period after she had a very public seizure in a class.

She recently broke up with her boyfriend and says she is now in a period of self reflection.  For the first time since age 15, she  is without a boyfried.   I have heard form her EX that she still has symptoms - - but now they are shorter.     


I would appreciate any advice about how to me a good mother to my 20 something daughter.    I try to listen and be supportive as much as I can - - but sometimes my frustration or issues from the past will break through.


Also - I have heard the conversion disorder is often caused by sexual abuse - - is there something else going on or could the above story be the cause.  I do feel she was emotionally abused by the teacher.   And it was compounded by my absense when she needed me.


Daughter - I appologize for sharing your story - - but I needed to connect with someone that might understand my pain and fustration, in loving you and not being able to help as much as I would like.   Love Mom


TheUnicornLady TheUnicornLady
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Feb 25, 2010