I Just Want To Talk About It...

I just want to talk with others who have this, as I was diagnosed with it early this year. It freaks me out and my neurosurgeon will tell me that its symptoms are geared to the individual. Is anyone out there? Who also has this and wants to speak about it?
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I do! My fiancé has recently been diagnosed and I am looking for others who can relate to what we're experiencing. Thank you!

Hello,my beautiful amazing father has this disease.he is in his final stage.I pray for all of you affected by it from the bottom of my heart.I think my dad's suffering is nearly over.it has been an honour to care for him just as he cared for me.it has also been incredibly difficult at times.I love you so much dad

how are you now,since you were diagnosed

You are not alone - though it feels like it a lot of the time. I was diagnosed at Mayo Clinic in July 2012. I had brain surgery 16 yrs. ago and they think the scar tissue may be the cause. My issues are on the right side (darn, I'm right handed). I first noticed my handwriting was getting smaller and feared Parkinson's. I next noticed I started to limp (no pain at that time). Frustrated with no answers, I went to Mayo & found out the diagnosis. It wasn't until I came home and researched CBD on the internet that I realized exactly what I was dealing with. I am a Naturopathic Doctor and own a natural health center, so have elected to treat the disorder through natural remedies and treatments. I use homeopathic and herbal remedies, get chiropractic adjustments and energy healings. I feel what I am doing helps control pain and symptoms. It is impossible to know if they have helped slow the progression- I hope so. I wish there were success stories out there. I haven't been able to find any.


My Mother was recently diagnosed with CBD after the typical Parkinson's medication was proven ineffective. Her symptoms started after an accident that affected her right arm; she now also has a limp and cannot write with her right hand. isn't one to take medication and prefers to treat it naturally- i'm wondering what types of natural remedies and treatments you are using to treat this disease? It was recently suggested that she she a chiropractor, so i'm happy to see this treatment is helping with the pain/discomfort. Any suggestions/recommendations would be great! Thanks so much

My remedies fluctuate with the symptoms/side effects. Presently I am taking:

Pottasium- cramps
Magnesium - rigidity/constipation
L-Tyrosine - amino acid that increases dopamine
Chamomile tea - helps mild tremors/sleep
Valerian - Tremors/sleep/rigidity
Arnica- homeopathic for muscle pain
Rhus tox - homeopathic for joint pain
Hypericum Perf. - homeopathic for nerve pain
Slippery elm - herb for constipation
Ceylon Cinnamon - new study shows results in mice
topricin - fabulous homeopathic topical lotion for pain

Hopes this helps.

My dad was just diagnosed with this disease after being misdiagnosed several times. His balance began to slip about 3 years ago, along with speech problems. During the past 3 years I have watched my father go from healthy and working everyday to going on disability and needing help with every daily activity. He can barely communicate with us now. It takes about 1 1/2 hours to get him from his bed to the living room. His left arm and leg won't work at all now and the muscles in his left arm keep cramping up. Such a sad thing to watch a loved one go through.

Your dad sounds a lot like my mom. He got her a chattervox to help us hear her talk. She can no longer set up in a wheelchair with out us belting her upper body for support.

I am going thru final testing but looks like cbd