Ever since I could remember I have had cracked heels....I get them pretty deep to a point where they bleed. I use a product called Gold Heel Balm and it works wonders in three days, now I'm not here to promote the product, I just want to share that info with you people. =) But I am lazy most of the time when it comes to my heels, because I just don't feel like applying it to my feet.
I was always embarrassed by my feet, I thought people would make funny of me, so I wouldn't wear thongs (or flip flops in some countries) in public.
My feet are bad....I have to wear socks whenever I am in bed or on the lounge under a blanket.
And it hurts when I rub my heels (accidentally) together.
Dreamprojector Dreamprojector
22-25, F
1 Response Aug 20, 2014

So young and being so lazy? Lol.. Im half more of your age and i dont suffer any heels cracking.. I dont even need to wear pump shoes. Hope u take care your legs and feet well. U got long way to go..

Yes thank you, and I hope I crack my bad habit, excuse the pun. =)