Hello,my husband has craniopharygoima. He found out in Jan 2012 after going to the er for headaches. He did not have any insurance so it took six weeks to get proper medical treatment. The doctor he saw at the emergency room when he took real sick send him to MD Anderson Cancer Center. The doctor did surgery immediately. My husband stayed in ICU for three weeks because he were in a coma. They put a shunt in his brain then my husband started feeling a little better. My husband had to have inpatient rehab. April 20, my husband finally get to go home. He still have 30 percent of the tumor left. The doctor told us he still want to do another surgery to get the rest of tumor then radation treatments to make sure it dont come back.The surgeon going to tell my husband what he going to do in June/2012. My husband currently have real bad memory lost. He cannot work and has applied for disability. My husband also suffer with his right eye, right leg and arm. He currently taking medicine for his damage to the endocrine system that makes him very sleepy.
blade72 blade72
36-40, M
May 23, 2012