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my daughter is 5 years old, we live in india. at the middle of 2011 she started compalining of headaches, since i wear glasses we assumed it could be a vision problem. as it turned out, she had to wear glasses due to weak eyesight. the headaches would continue sometimes mostly in the mornings. on 28th september 2012 she had a very bad headache and the doctor advised us to go in for a mri. the mri was done on 5th nov 2012, which showed a tumor, she was operated on 9th nov. she stayed in the icu for 6 days and then in the hospital room for another 6 days. the headaches didnt go. we had to get another ct done, which showed that she had some extra fluid which was causing pressure on the brain due to which her head was paining.
she was given glycerol and diamox n then the fluids dried up. post op mri showed little residual tumor. she is on tegrital, thyronorm, desmopressin, hisone.
we are looking in at good radiation treatment centers as a follow up treatment for the tumor, as it has not been completely removed, as it was located near the optic chaisma.
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I am very sorry! :/