I was riding on my backyard trail, and my front tire hit a small rock, so I flipped and landed on my bike, on a hole bunch of rocks.. It hurt pretty bad and for awhile too.
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I've split my leg open while biking and that's not fun.

Ohh god

Ya needed to walk myself to me house because no one would help me. Plus I think I fainted a couple of times. Then I got to the hospital and they told me to go to a different one

Jeez I hate hospitals

Ya while in the ER they told my I had to get stiches. I then proceeded to jump off the table and try to run. They had to get two nurses to hold me down then they gased me.


It was pretty bad and every time I think of it I don't just think I relive it. Sometimes I thing what if I didn't get up, remained in the darkness in my mind and just end it instaed of getting up

I hear you

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