She Didn't Want Him To Die

I was at my friend house playing video games. And a girl that we knew from the bowling alley had came into the room. She started getting undressed, and walked towards the closet. She told my friend to come in the closet with her. So she went in and closed the door, and my friend walking into the closet and he fell in and vanished. Do I followed him to see what happened, then I fell into a black whole and ended up at the bowling alley. I saw my friend and he was bowling. He had 11 strikes in a row and needed one more for a 300( perfect game ). So he went to throw the strike and the girl stoped him. She pulled out a gun and shot my friend. But the bullet just got stuck on his shirt. It didn't hit him. I was so mad at her, I ran towards her and tryed to tackle her, then she put her finger to her lips and said "shhhhhhhhhhhh". Then she vanished and I woke up. The only I could think of that was that she didn't want him to die.
OmgitzSelenaGomez OmgitzSelenaGomez
22-25, M
Feb 27, 2010