Primitive Cultures Exposed!!!!

So we all know the native and so called "primitive" cultures around the world are vanishing as they integrate into modern society. Well, what is also disappearing is their sexual practices. We don't need any more documentaries of them dancing around a fire trying to rid someone of a demon that is making the whole village ill. Nor do we need any more dry descriptions of their customs for taking a wife, or two, or three. What we need is a high end **** studio like vivid to go on site in these remote areas and make a **** of these people fornicating, because when they are gone, we will never know how they did it. I can't be the only one that wants an insiders view of Yonomami teens running off into the jungle to show their love for one another while keeping an eye out of jaguars and snakes! Or see what REALLY goes on behind the closed flaps of a maasai mud hut between a husband and his three brides! This needs to happen, or i will die the shell of a man that i already am.
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I've sent a memo to the BBC..... they are in heaps of trouble at the moment, and could do we distracting us all!

... you're quite something, Coppy.

Wow lol

All I know is that somewhere, there's a tribal group in which the men shake each other's penises instead of shaking hands....That and for some interesting visuals, do an image search of "penis gourds." Unfortunately, those groups who don't mind having sex in front of an anthropologist with cameras rolling seem to be in the minority.

This is one of the VERY BEST stories and ideas I've read about in here today!! I couldn't agree more.... Primitive sex has just got to ROCK!! I say we send letters to the tv studios...Now that would be wayy better reality tv then the crap they're flooding the airways with now! :D