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True story. My sister is a chemist and works with plant growth. She grow buds “weed” the good stuff. This explained why no one could stop by and visit. We both came up with the idea to grow at my rental properties. We would have made over $200,000 each if succeeded. We started to turn the houses into grow rooms. There were 3 in all. I was paying mortgage and electric for houses full pants. For her it wasn’t about the money. She loved seeing her pants grow. She tended to them as her babies. I must admit it was a lovely sight watching seeds grow. I started to go to forums about Marijuana reading mostly about growing rights. I goofed up often and killed over half. We only got one successful grow before getting busted. *sigh*    the crazy thing was after getting busted we tried it again and got busted again! so No more crazy ideas


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Yes discretion is a must! Turthly we didn't tell anyone..but somehow the cops were tipped off. Till this day we don't how. And for the 2nd time around it was totally on me. Won't ever forgive myself. I left the door to the house unlocked.

Without a doubt, discretion is the key to any successful grow. If kept on a small scale, the increase in electricity will go undetected and can easily yield enough for personal use and then some.

windmills are expensive, if you live by a stream (which most of us do not) you can build a cheap (200 bucks starting and about 100 bucks a year,) that doesnt include the cost of setting up your power cell, which is a lot. there is also solar power. if you do it right you wont get caught. the max you can use per room is 1000 watts so if you live in a three bedroom house you can only use 3000 watts. also it is a good idea to invest in a squirrel cage and carbon filter for ventilation and odor problems. the way to save energy but not sacrifice much product buy flourescent grow lights from a hydroponics store( for vegetative) if you got busted multiple times it might say something about your descression. no offense. <br />
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Why didn't we think of a windmill. :-) Windmills are very expensive. You can get a generator. That would be the best bet. The best seeds are from Amsterdam. If you want the best product you'll have to baby them. Check up on the regularly so you'll have to be close by. I'm sure you won't have a problem with distribution. Think about all your friends and their friends...oh boy now I'm envies. <br><br />
bwt....the first post had experience with growing. now he deleted his post :-(

Usually commercial growers get busted by their electric bills. I have a friend who has a fairly remote farm and an unused barn. I'm trying to convince him that with a windmill for power this idea has merit.<br />
I've grown for personal use quite successfully using lights. The next issue is distribution. The growing can be done with just he and I involved. But distribution opens a door for potential trouble as well as profit.

:-) wish i could do that...