Really Low Because Of My Strange Mood Swings

Having suffered with Generalised Anxiety Disorder most of my adult life you'd think I would be quite accustomed an unsurprised with any new sypmtoms that come my way. But for the last year or so the mood swings have been unbearable, at first like many women I put it down to PMT or being a particualr age, but the last 6 months I get them most days at all times, I can be feeling in a fantastic jolly mood and then pow out of the blue something happens or someone says something and my mood immediately goes black, I try to keep it to myself and i become withdrawn as i dont want it affecting anyone else, but normally it builds until im an emotional wreck, then I just feel extremely guilty for affecting anyones life I may have while being moody. I really cant understand it as when Im well and free of my GAD im the most positive optimistic person who loves life. I have never taken medication but was wondering if something natural may help. Im at my wits end as i dont want to feel like a miserable cow.I keep fit, eat healthly and try and not put to much pressure on myself as this can have an affect but I just need any tips, advice on how to deal with the mood swings. Thankyou in advance. Dee
dee68h dee68h
Dec 7, 2012