Right now I'm crying and the smallest thin possible caused this. I'm extremely unhappy and stressed out. Yesterday I was so happy I felt high. I don't know how to explain it.
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You can be much happier, maybe all the time. Read my answer in your other post about endorphins.

I'm sorry. Idk what you were sad about. Sometimes it's good to let it out and move forward though. If I'm ever upset I try to stay busy and keep my mind off it or talk to friends. That usually helps. Anytime you need to talk, I'm here. =]

It's all in your head

It will be alright


Every day I get more and more suspicious that that's my problem

Suspicious that ur bipolar?


Got Shrink?
Have you tried any online "tests'? That's the way I remember my crappier days, moods spiking up and down, not just from day to day, but sometimes hourly.

I'm seeing a psychiatrist soon, and I always thought bipolar meant going months at a time being happy and months at a time being depressed, but i guess hourly can mean the same thing

Sometimes, for some people, it is that way. another thing about Bi-Polar, people don't always realize there can be more than Just an Up or down.
You can mix and match any combination of emotional states and push them to the extreme.

Sounds just like me

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