Ambience And Light.

It seems like so long ago now, and I guess ten years is indeed a good amount of time.  Ten years ago was when I first downloaded a freeware "tracker" program, back in those days when the internet was still fairly primitive compared to what it is today, and long before Garageband was on every Mac and ProTools was just one mouse click away on your favorite torrent.  I'll stop with this line of thought before I get to the part about walking 15 miles in snow with no shoes...


Anyhow, I was, at the time, in love with electronic music, especially Industrial Rock, EBM, and old school experimental Industrial, and I really, really wanted to do music along the same lines as groups and individuals such as Coil, Throbbing Gristle Aphex Twin, Monte Cazazza, SPK, Meat Beat Manifesto, Orbital, the Orb, Rabbit in the Moon, Einsturzende Neubauten, and a whole mix of eclectic electronic groups.  That lead me to some old freeware software that, after some tinkering, I got pretty comfortable with, and began creating my own odd, eerie, dark, ambient soundscapes.  Many were short, a minute or so in length, and meant to be looped.  Odd samples, slowed down sound clips, lo-fi recorded found sounds and hardware I was fooling with in the garage, and a dark, eerie, rainy, urban aesthetic mixed with the searing Florida heat of the summers of 2000, 2001, 2002 all combined with my new found love of goth/industrial clubbing to provide fertile ground for my own sound to emerge.  Sure, it was unrefined, odd, and not exactly "musical", but it was meant to set a mood, to be more like incidental music.  


Later, I got in to more stuff along these lines, which further inspired me, such as Lustmord, the Cold Meat Industries stuff like In Slaughter Natives and Brighter Death Now, IDM like Autechre, and fast acid house and drill n bass stuff, all of which resulted in trying my hand at ambient noise, and my fast growing fondness for the cut-up artists negativland and my fascination with cut-up pioneers in audio and written media in the forms of Brion Gysin and Burroughs led me to do sound collages of various sorts.


I stopped doing all this in 2002, as it was only ever a hobby I just tinkered around with for fun, but not before playing one show, and getting involved in a small, short lived local noise scene.  All in all, it was a blast while it lasted.

KamatariSeta KamatariSeta
26-30, M
Mar 7, 2010