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So, I just made my own website. It's still currently under construction lol. but if you ever want to know more about me, visit my website at dont spam me with a bunch of emails lol.

LittleMissGreenEyes LittleMissGreenEyes
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2 Responses Oct 11, 2012

this is cooooooooooooooooooool ^.^

thank you! :)

whats your website about?

About me lol. Blogs and photography mostly. Still working on it

thats good, keep working at it and always improving it :)

I plan to! Or else I would just forget about my whole life bc of my horrible memory lol

aww what horrible memory?

No I'm just saying that my memory retention sucks. I usually forget what I even did the previous day lol. Don't know why it's like that

haha oh ok, its hard to retain recent memories. have you gone to see a doctor about it? Usually I usually just help myself with just natural remedies. I will do anything to not see a doctor lol

yeah i understand that. i have to be dying before i go to the doctor.. but some things you cant avoid. you have to go

I'll never go! U can't make me! U can't handle the truth! Lol jk ...I'm tired, don't laugh

its all good lol i never make anyone go. im plagued with injuries and i havent been to one doctor for it. lol so i know that i cant force someone to do something i dont do lol

Good. They just give bad news anyway.

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