Words To Live By

I shared with an EP friend that I am at a low point and was feeling particularly worried about test, results, then what?
Today my EP friend reminded me not to worry, to stay receptive to the possibility of change, to keep a positive attitude; one day it might help someone else.
I decided to add one from my sister: Worry is Interest paid on Trouble before it becomes Due.
This got me thinking of words my grandmother lived by:
Life is a book of volumes three ~
The past, the present, and the yet to be;
The first is read and laid away ~
The second we are living day by day;
The third is locked and none can see:
For only God holds the key.
I hope the wise musings of these women help you or someone you know. You can pay on by sharing with someone else who needs to be reminded of what is truly important as opposed to what is energy draining negativity.
debicatlover debicatlover
51-55, F
May 21, 2012