Probably Many Times

I'm sure I cried many times at school during the years I went, but one time in particular springs to mind. It was probably the first time.

Kindergarten. We had this tub of sand that we were supposed to write our name in with our finger. I remember panicking because I couldn't remember if the curved part of the J was supposed to point to the left or the right. So I cried.

God, what a baby. I was only 5, though.

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JoJo, I am a lefty as well. Perhaps that was behind my J confusion.<br />
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Also--my nieces and nephews call me "JoJo." I have an uncommon name and my whole life I never had a nickname, but now I am known as JoJo to 7 nieces and nephews. I like it.

I still remember his name, that's how profound that was to me! LOL Patrick, is that Puew? LOLOLOL<br />
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I'm one evil *****, Krypton!

So you were the one laughing at me! I was scarred for life. <br />
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I knew you were evil incarnate Jojo, just like the coservatives say. HAHA :P

One time in 5th grade, one boy crapped in his pants and I laughed so hard I cried! I know, that was mean but I couldn't help it at the time!

I cried once in 5th grade because our teacher told us that she got a new job and was leaving us. I wanted her as a teacher so bad. I ended up having her as a teacher and in the middle of the year she left us. I cried so hard on my desk that my nose started to run and my eyes were red and puffy. She had to ask our class grandma to take me and another girl to the bathroom. At least there was another girl that cried, it made me feel a little better.

I wrote my "J's" backward too for a long time. AND I'm a lefty! Double whammy! LOL Shoot, I was 17 before I finally got which way d and b went! I cried all the time! :-)

Oh noes! Not the dreaded "J"... lol<br />
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I wrote my name (Jon) with a backward "J" FOREVER... I'm sure they probably thought I was a little retard or something. What do they know? I think I turned out all right :P