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And no one noticed, I cried in the bathroom. A teacher broke something of great value to me, to make an example out of me! I smiled in the class, even laughed a little, but when the class was over I went to the bathroom and cried some tears.

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@ Laura is lovely: yes, but she was the teacher and she could do anything she wanted to

@ Amy: nobody did or said anything<br />
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@ Laura is lovely: I was a gift, from my grandma, very special pen. I have no idea why she did it!

oh :( didnt anyone say anything?

@ Dew duster: being a teacher is the hardest work in the world, I had great teachers who inspired me and even changed the path of my life.<br />
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And I had bad teachers who broke me and tried to ruin me!<br />
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I am sure you were one of the good ones.

I am a retired teacher and know it was wrong. I tried real hard to never ever hurt a student but I had bad days, days when students would give me a hard time...Even still I hope I never made a student cry...DD

@ Lilt: It was wrong, and she new what she was doing, and she did it on purpose. I tried not to let it matter to me.

I don't know what she broke, but I do know she broke your heart and spirit. That is sooooo wrong.

I had some really bad teachers! thank you airiesgrl

That's so sad! :(