A Few Times Actually

I've cried because of broken hearts and breaking up. I put on my happy face, dealt with customers and smiled although I was dying inside...but no one knew that during my breaks I would break down sometimes...in my car or in the bathroom...

Another time I cried...about 5 years ago when I found out this nice gentleman...a contractor named Jerry died of a stroke. The day before he had came in like he always had...playing around with me and all the other girls in the office, bought us all Boba drinks. He was so nice! He reminded me of Santa Clause lol. He had a big belly, white hair as white as snow, and always laughing. He said "I'll see you tomorrow" ...but 2morrow never came. We all worried and customers waited for him and called and asked where he was....it wasn't like him not to answer and to not show up. We found out 2 days later that his family was so worried they went to check up on him and that's when they found him passed away.

I cried another time at work when this girl that I worked with frustrated me so much. Her name was Cinthia. My gosh! this girl was something else. She frustrated me soooooo much! And would give me such a hard time. She was very negative and was always having drama with someone. My boss got tired of her BS! and I ended up with her job. I have been happy at my job since she left I've been at my current job almost 8years now. But yeah! we used to argue and she would agitate me so much at one point that once I had to go on a quick break and just cry in my car because I was so mad. And then I went back like nothing...to do my work and without paying her any attention.

I think the last time I cried at work was when my coworker and good friend moved to another state to marry her boyfriend. I was happy for her but I was sad that we wouldn't be hanging out and running together and work together anymore. My current co workers are like family so they are not just people I work with but people that we all joke around with and sometimes hang out outside of work. I had worked with her for 7 years and ran marathons and sometimes hung out together and I knew we wouldn't do that anymore. She calls once in a while I'm so happy for her. I can't believe I cried though. lol

For a person that was not allowed to cry growing up...I've become such a cry baby. lol
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Nothing wrong with being sensitive, right? I always say crying is healing.