I Believe Crying Is Part of My Job........

I work as a CNA in a Nursing care facility that deals with 90% dementia and Alzheimer's patients. They tell you to try and not get attached but its so hard not too. They need love just like everyone.

We did have resident that just passed away a couple weeks ago. He was in the other 10%. He was 54 year old male that had a form of cancer that surrounded his Aorta. He came to the facility with only two weeks to live. We where blessed to have him for 4 and 1/2 weeks. He was different because he was so young and that he did not have any mental illness it was just physical.  He had such a zest of life right down until the last three days he lived. I had the pleasure of meeting his incredible family, he met my boys, and I also got to know the man very well on a deeper personal level.  I seen him spend his 55th birthday with us and his family and I seen him spend his last fathers day with his adult son.

I don't know how you can not get attached to someone like this. I wasn't there when he passed on (my day off) but I did get to say my goodbye the day before. Yes I cried. I cried very hard but his parents and co workers where there with me and they cried with me too. He was a special man who is in a better place now.

I cry over every death that has happened there. It might be at work or at home but they all have touched me in a special way.



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It is a wonderful thing you do. There is so much that we learn about ourselves when wwe put ourselves in the position to be a caregiver to those who are nearing their death.<br />
Only recently I became a hospice volunteer and I will be visiting with people who are having to face their death within a short period of time. I want to be there for them in any capacity they need. No one should die alone. Everyone should know what it is to be loved. BTW, I cry even when thinking about the circumstances these people are in. I hope that when I am with them they will accept my tears as signs of caring and not sympathy. <br />
Thank you for sharing your story with us and remember to take care of yourself, as well.

It is encourging that there are people like you, that shared yourself with him during what must have been a difficult time. Bless you, for your heart of gold.

after you started working their, has it changed the way you look at the life and death in general ?..........do you think, you have understood the purpose of ones life ?..........for you what is life and living this life means.........?

Reading your story made me cry...

It sounds like you're human. And it also seems that you appreciate life and death. It was a wonderful story. I took something away from the story and that's to live in the now. Thank you for sharing!

Crying is good release. You read about how it gets out bad toxins in your system. But that doesn't really address the situations you experience at your work place. I haven't experienced much death. I'd be crying if someone close to me died or was injured in some extreme way.

You must be a very strong person - I don't think I could deal with that.