Cry Baby

so yes, at every job i have ever had, EVER, even while in the army in front of my superiors. i guess you could say i am a "cry baby". once it starts, crying is impossible for me to hold back. if i am lucky i can catch it and slip out of the situation fast. but once i sobbed uncontrollably at work in a customer service area. it can happen even if someone "in authority" isn't really mad at me or being mean, just expressing dissatisfaction with my job performance. i guess because i try so hard to do things well and when i fail knowing that i have done the best i can, i just break down. plus it is always with male "authority" figures and i think it ties into my issues with not having a father. regardless, you should see the look on the faces of the people who make me cry. it is a look of confounded surprise and disoriented concern as they experience my show of sorrow from the front seat of their lives. what makes it stranger still, is that i am a 6'-3" 200 lb man, and not some one most people would ever expect to see in such a state if their not at a funeral or something. sometimes if my crying (in general) progresses for too long, it gets so bad i have to vomit. thankfully it isn't a common occurrence.

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very astute jbird :) i never thought of it that way!

I actually expect larger men to be more sensitive. They seem emotionally neglected more and always told to be extra careful since they are able to cause more harm so they have to be extra cautious not to break things. Plenty of people have thought some of my cousins are too sensitive because they are bigger, teddy bears. I think they are more developed then most men and I think that is a good thing.

A little crying is good for the soul. You can always come cry to me Papa Bear.

I'm sorry.... I worry about that happening to me too. I've been trying to find a job & am certain I'll start crying the second someone tries to even slightly tell me they're disappointed in something I've done, etc. It happens in all other situations, so I'm sure it's gonna happen at work too.

Damn authority figures crap me off too, let me run them over!

The thought of you crying makes me sad. :(

Yet another evil side effect of being a Perfectionist-type. I am so glad you shared this story, especially the part about a superior correcting you on sometime minor and your strong reaction to it - it makes us all feel a little more human!