The Most Embarrasing Time Of My Life

This particular event happened many many years ago.
It was just another day of work for me at school. (I'm a teacher).
Then, my cell phone rang and I found out that THREE of my close friends just got into a major accident. One was dead on the scene and the other two were rushed to hospital. .
I was extremely worried and couldn't help it. The tears just trickled down my face as I stood there in the middle of the classroom.
All the students stared at me and wondered if I was alright. (They were 8th graders).
Soon I couldn't control myself and had a full fledged panic attack. I was shaking, hyperventilating, and bawling my eyes out. I also collapsed to the ground by this time because it was so just overwhelming and I couldn't control myself.
Before I knew it, the principal and three other teachers from nearby classrooms rushed in. (I later found out that some of my students left to get help).
It was extremely embarrasing as I sat on the floor looking like an idiot. The teachers hugged me and rubbed my back while I continued to cry. It was so bad that they needed to carry.... Yes CARRY me out of the room to the nurses office. I spent a good 20 minutes there until the panic attack subsided.
Even though it was so embarrasing, I felt extremely loved because my coworkers and boss were all there to comfort me. The principal was especially nice and helped me get through it all. She's the nicest lady and boss I have ever met!
Gogirlstyle Gogirlstyle
Mar 26, 2013