...Then I Quit.

I remember I cried in a bathroom stall because I was so infuriated at how the mistreatment got worse and worse. It was either that, or I screamed bloody murder in a restaurant at 3 in the morning.

I was a waitress for 9 months and after being given a different manager, the graveyard shift became too much to handle. Lots of terrible things happened because I got that job. My boyfriend almost cheated on me, his friends were encouraging delinquency, I got accused of cheating with the annoying cooks, I was getting no sleep or appreciation, etc. etc. Everyone at work treated me horribly because they knew I didn't slack off and would do the work. Almost all of my coworkers (and customers) were on drugs, alcohol, etc. I even took up smoking cigarettes for the duration of that job, which is something I hate doing.. And the worst thing was that I had one of the busboys stalking me and my manager wouldn't do anything about it but accuse me of not working. She even tried to get me in trouble with the boss.

That day I quit their establishment. I let them know that I wasn't going to put up with their stupidity and unfairness. I was so ready to punch a hole in the wall. I went home and had the longest, most relieving sleep in ages.

They lost a good employee. Oh well, they are in the dust now.

jadedpoison jadedpoison
1 Response Oct 17, 2008

jaded...I am proud of you for taking a stand and doing what you feel is right. Way to go girl and good luck to you!