Sometimes It's Just Too Much...

... when you cry at work, because of stress or because of miserable clients.  I think it is quite normal though.  I have been working at an engineering company for a while now and sometimes the stress is just so bad that I drop my head behind my desk and I let myself have a good cry.  Sometimes I go hide in the bathroom to cry!  Whatever the case... as long as you don't bottle up your feelings.

We are just human beings FFS!  We are not robots!

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5 Responses Feb 16, 2010

White collar work can be just the same as being chained in a shed with a sewing machine. People like to say, "You could leave any time, no one's forcing you to be there!" Yeah right... as if society doesn't have invisible chains. Try telling that line to my bills, loans and stomachs. Sorry... no money for you this week because work was stressing me out too bad and I chose not to be there! I love people who say, "Just get a new job" as well. Yeah, its just as simple as going to the corner store to get a bottle of milk. Just like that.

I agree with the first comment. It is a release and I agree we shouldnt bottle our feelings or hide our experiences. I think thats the point of this site, it lets us feel connected to each other through shared experinces. Thank you for sharing! :)

It is definately good that you get it out of your system.<br />
The work culture of the corporate world is going into the tank.<br />
<br />
Big reason I started my own busines.

hehe i hear you! and thanx for the comment.<br />
<br />
that is what is great about this website... you found other people who share these experiences with you. hope you don't have too much to cry about :)!! All the best!

good for you! i agree! crying is such a great release. i try not to at work because even though its not about work but usually other stuff going on outside of work, but something happens at work and its the last straw. we have one shower cubicle which is the best one to hide and cry in cos its got a nice bench in stead of sitting in a filthy toilet.